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Zoom Online Art Classes for Kids Ages 4 to 13

April - June 2024
schedule can be found here

Not only do we make cool jewelry at Eclectic Redesigns but we also work in education!

We offer our creative services in the form of arts and crafts (and a mixture of STEM) classes for kids ages 4 to 6 and 7 to 13 (or grades pre-K through 8) through Zoom every week.


Join us for live online for 30-minute to 1-hour group art classes at our scheduled times and pay what you want, if you can, $5 - $15 


Sign up for multiple live private lessons that meet your schedule for a flat-rate fee. 

We try to incorporate basic craft and utilitarian materials you may already have in your home to make the projects. We will always send a material list ahead of time. We are creative, so we can always figure out substitutions if something is missing.

The class schedule for this month can be found here.

To register you can send an email through our Contacts page and state that you are interested in either group or private classes. Donations or payments will be made through the Paypal button on the Class Schedule page.

View our Gallery Page to see some of our latest projects!

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