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Eclectic Redesigns creates one-of-a-kind sustainable art jewelry. We specialize in creating casual, everyday, affordable jewelry pieces from recycled materials such as salvaged copper remnants from scrap yards, and found objects- such as vintage tins, antique beads, and forgotten pendants. All of our jewelry is hand-fabricated in our studio using a primitive metalsmithing process, which is all crafted by hand and uses no machinery. We have developed this process over the years as we have worked with different metals. 

Eclectic Redesigns prides itself on bringing awareness to the importance of handmade art as well as conservation and recycling in fashion. We are constantly evolving in technique and style that are inspired by our travels, birdwatching, and our love for nature. 

Eclectic Redesigns has a style that stands out from other designers with many nature-themed and whimsical pieces as well as timeless statements. Our goal has been that each piece can strike a conversation about conservation.

                                                                                                               Peace & Love,

Julie & Ryan


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